Because Open Source Software's power relies on the sources.


Sourcer is a source installer.

The sourcer project aims to be an effective package installer based on sources.

Actual pacakge installing systems (rpm,apt) are special for each distribution, sourcer is not, because sourcer is based on sources it can be used on any distribution. The main installation method on each and every project is directly by the sources. Also most of the time common installation methods(rpm,apt) doesn't let the user easily install the packages just the way they want it, there are many options the user might want to add or remove.

Sourcer is against binary distribution. Distributin applications on a binary way restrict the user, you just install it. The true power of the Open Source Sofware is the source. Hack, look at the source, understand it, modify it, lern, hack. Or simply download the rpm.


The main disadvantage of installing from sources is the compiling time. Anyway the computers are getting each time faster and compiling big applications gets each time easier (2.0Gz). If you can handle package installation despite of the necesary time, compiling it is the best way.

Another big advantage of compiling by yourself is that you get a clean working application. When installing apps with the binaries you always need the same libraries as the ones the application was compiled with, that's a pain in the ass specially if you are installing new applications, just think on a new mozilla compiled with a new glibc version. Sure distributors always think on that and doesn't release packages linked with new versions of glibc that the user might not have, but then who has the power?, who decide if you should use the latest version of the app? who decides if the app should use the included library, the one you have or drop the feature at all? Don't know? ask at #linuxhelp when you have a problem and write down the answer they give, seems familiar the question... what's your distro? What we, the lfsers (linuxfromscratch), say is... it's our distro, our rules.

Any comments, suggestions, flame war?

Felipe Contreras
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